WASP-NET includes a powerful reflect array wizard, which enables users to conveniently create user-defined reflect arrays based on basic array elements. The pre-design is carried out by fast Floquet-mode approach. The rigorous optimization is provided by the AIM.  

Rigorous EM CAD in Seconds Reflect Arrays Antenna_Arrays WASP-NET ®


Reflect array wizard starting from templates

*Benchmarks:  Approximate seconds per frequency (abbreviated as “fr” or “fp) on up-to-date PCs

Selected  Reflect Array Design Examples

Direct optimization to desired pattern goals.  





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 Features in addition to extremely high Optimization Speed

Layered Structures for broader Bandwidths

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Convenient user-friendly Designer Data Base with fully optimized ready to use Design Examples, which can be scaled to desired Frequencies, modified and re-optimized to desired Specifications

WASP-NET’s wide application range for accurate, fast EM CAD and optimizations of all kind of passive microwave components / antennas proves - due to WASP-NET’s generality and flexibility - to be practically unlimited.

Displaced patches for additional optimization potential

Layered patches for broader bandwidth

Farfield of structure with layered patches

Triple dipole array for circular polarization